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Call: 07891 477285

Sussex Tree Works Services

Crown Reduction

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Working in the gardens of Brighton and Hove, we often come across trees that have outgrown their space. A crown reduction is a good way of retaining a much-loved tree as it reduces the amount of space the tree takes up whilst ensuring it remains an attractive feature with its associated amenity and environmental benefits.

Crown reduction can also be an option for trees with defects or damage. The reduction in size reduces wind loading on the affected area which can mean that the tree can be retained and made safer, rather than removed.

Crown Thinning

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Crown thinning is the process of removing selected branches from the inner crown of the tree.

This can provide a similar effect to crown reduction, as it reduces the sail effect of the crown; however crown thinning allows the size of the crown to remain.

During a crown thin, dead and diseased branches will be removed. Crown thinning leaves the tree looking more natural than a crown reduction and the overall effect is more subtle.


tree being braced

Some trees grow with natural defects that over time can become a risk to people or buildings.

For some trees the appropriate solution is to remove the defective limb or stem, however this is not the best course of action in every case. For example, removal of a large limb may spoil the appearance of the tree and potentially allow new pathogens to enter the large wound created by the removal of the limb.

In this case it may be prudent to brace the branch, as this will provide additional stability for the branch and reduce the risk posed.

We use a system called Cobra bracing, it is incredibly strong and completely non-invasive to the tree.

Tree Removal

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree, perhaps because it has been planted in an inappropriate place, is causing issues with a building, is diseased or damaged, has come to the end of it's natural life or is posing a health and safety risk.

We have all of the necessary equipment to make sure the job is done safely. Sometimes we will be able to fell the tree using a few precision cuts at the base, but most commonly one of our climbers will dismantle the tree from a rope and harness. Where necessary we use rigging ropes to lower the sections of the tree so that we can be certain that no damage will be caused as they reach the ground.

Storm Damage and Emergency Callout

storm damaged tree being removed

When high winds bring down a tree it is important that it is tackled by a team of professionals. Fallen trees are subject to very powerful tension and compression forces and the way they react when cut can be unpredictable and violent. We offer a 24-hour emergency callout service and are highly experienced in dealing with storm damaged trees.

Stump Grinding

tree stump being grinded out

When a tree is removed you may wish the stump to be removed too. This involves the use of a powerful machine that cuts the stump out of the ground, to a depth of 30cm below ground level. We have narrow access machines that will fit through a house and larger machines at our disposal.

Hedge Management

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Whether your hedge is in need of an annual trim or it has become overgrown and needs reducing back down to a manageable size, we can help!


new tree being planted

We relish the chance to plant new trees and gain great satisfaction in doing so.

Sussex Tree Works can give advice on appropriate species, source the tree for you and undertake the planting work to ensure the best chance of the tree’s establishment.

We can plant anything from small bare rooted whips up to larger container-grown full standard trees.

Tree Waste Removal

tree waste being removed

We are happy to tailor the waste removal element of the job to your needs.
Generally customers request that we remove all waste from site, however should you prefer to keep it for your own use then this is no problem - and this option may save some money.

Typically brushwood is processed onsite. Our powerful woodchipper can take branches up to seven inches in diameter. Woodchip is removed from site and disposed of either at the local green waste site or at local allotments. Hardwood timber is taken back to our yard and processed for firewood.


we use hardwood for our firewood

The best of the hardwood timber makes it into our firewood pile. Although we do not have a large capacity for logs, what we do sell is of excellent quality. Get yours while stocks last!

"Sussex Tree Works were an excellent choice for my tree surgery work. They were professional and polite through the whole process and did a great job." - Ben, Hove

"Excellent job at a competitive price. Liaised with the council with regards to Tree Preservation Orders." - Kelvin, Haywards Heath